SOC094. Connie Gallippi, Founder at BitGive, on Charitable Donations Revolutionized WCW009.

Today I talk to Connie Gallippi, Founder at BitGive, about how she’s revolutionizing the charitable donations, why Bitcoin, and what her hope is for a better future.

SOC093. Trekk, on Creating Better Crypto Content

Trekk, with two Ks, Podcast host, content creator and consultant in the crypto and blockchain space talks to me about establishing a personal brand, Bitcoin’s P2P beginnings to what it is today, and some of the who’s who in the space in 2019.

SOC090. Dr. Jane Thomason, CEO at Fintech Worldwide, on Blockchain For Impact in Action WCW008.

Dr. Jane Thomason, Author of Blockchain Technology for Global Social Change, shares talks digital identity on a blockchain, remittances, financial inclusion, and why holding Bitcoin in emerging economies is empowering.

SOC087. Dominic Hrabe, Founder at EvolvEvents, on World Crypto Con and Vegas Blockchain Week

Dominic Hrabe, Founder at EVOLVEvents talks about organizing World Crypto Con and Vegas Blockchain Week. This is Episode 87 for the Speaking of Crypto podcast.

SOC085. Carolina Abenante, Founder at NYIAX, on Trading Advertising Contracts Using Blockchain Tech WCW007.

Carolina Abenante, Founder at NYIAX talks about bringing financial trading technology to the advertising and entertainment industries using blockchain technology.

SOC083. Rachel Siegel, CEO at Crypto Finally on Being a Female Influencer in the Crypto Space WCW005.

Rachel Siegel, Founder at Crypto Finally talks about Bitcoin + crypto adoption, a new age of feminism and what it means to be a woman in the crypto space.

SOC082. Namrata Ganatra, CTO at Lambda School, on Big Tech vs Startups from a CTO in Silicon Valley WCW004.

Namrata Ganatra, CTO at Lambda School, formerly Senior Director of Engineering at Coinbase, Head of Engineering for Payments at Facebook, and Senior Engineering Manager at PayPal talks tech.

SOC080. Emma Todd on Crypto Tribalism + Digital Community WCW002.

Emma Todd, Executive Board Member & Co-Chair of Blockchain for Impact and CEO at MMH Blockchain Group talks about Crypto Tribalism and Digital Community.