SOC094. Connie Gallippi, Founder at BitGive, on Charitable Donations Revolutionized WCW009.

Today I talk to Connie Gallippi, Founder at BitGive, about how she’s revolutionizing the charitable donations, why Bitcoin, and what her hope is for a better future.

SOC093. Trekk, on Creating Better Crypto Content

Trekk, with two Ks, Podcast host, content creator and consultant in the crypto and blockchain space talks to me about establishing a personal brand, Bitcoin’s P2P beginnings to what it is today, and some of the who’s who in the space in 2019.

068. Riccardo Spagni aka FluffyPony on Financial Privacy with Monero and Tari

Riccardo Spagni aka FluffyPony from Tari Labs and Monero talks about financial privacy, self-sovereign currency, and Bitcoin as the global reserve currency.

064. Paul Puey on Skin in the Game and Levelling the Pyramid of Power

Paul Puey talks skin in the game, how cryptocurrency something is, and the Trojan horse for crypto in this week’s Speaking of Crypto podcast.

063. Bullish on Bitcoin with Misha Yurchenko

Misha Yurchenko has been through the volatility of the crypto market but his book, Bullish on Bitcoin, says it all.