SOC094. Connie Gallippi, Founder at BitGive, on Charitable Donations Revolutionized WCW009.

Today I talk to Connie Gallippi, Founder at BitGive, about how she’s revolutionizing the charitable donations, why Bitcoin, and what her hope is for a better future.

SOC090. Dr. Jane Thomason, CEO at Fintech Worldwide, on Blockchain For Impact in Action WCW008.

Dr. Jane Thomason, Author of Blockchain Technology for Global Social Change, shares talks digital identity on a blockchain, remittances, financial inclusion, and why holding Bitcoin in emerging economies is empowering.

054. Trent Lapinski. Crypto Visionaries, Tech for Trump, and Why Apple Bites

Trent Lapinski, Hacker Noon podcast, talks about crypto visionaries vs big business in blockchain and how tech got Donald Trump elected.