blockchain business

SOC092. Pascal Gauthier, CEO at Ledger – Saving Bitcoin with Ledger ESGS04.

Pascal Gauthier, CEO at Ledger, talks about how to save your Bitcoin using Ledger cold storage wallet, governance around the ownership of crypto in business, and why we need to be patient with where things are at with bitcoin + crypto.

SOC091. John Carvahlo, CCO at Bitrefill – SPEND Bitcoin with Bitrefill ESGS03

John Carvahlo, CCO at Bitrefill talks about how to spend Bitcoin using Bitrefill, the cost of transacting using Bitcoin vs the lightning network, and using Satoshis to measure value.

SOC088. Cory Klippsten, Founder at Give Bitcoin, GIVE Bitcoin with ESGS02.

Cory Klippsten, Founder at Give Bitcoin, talks about his new company Give Bitcoin, which allows us to give bitcoin to friends and family, using a time lock feature (for from 1-5 years) and include the gift of bitcoin education.

SOC086. Alex Adelman, CEO at Lolli, EARN Bitcoin Free with Lolli ESGS01.

Alex Adelman, CEO at Lolli, talks about how you can earn Bitcoin for free when you shop online, what he does to help with Bitcoin adoption and education and why he thinks we’re still in the early days in the crypto payments space.

SOC083. Rachel Siegel, CEO at Crypto Finally on Being a Female Influencer in the Crypto Space WCW005.

Rachel Siegel, Founder at Crypto Finally talks about Bitcoin + crypto adoption, a new age of feminism and what it means to be a woman in the crypto space.

SOC082. Namrata Ganatra, CTO at Lambda School, on Big Tech vs Startups from a CTO in Silicon Valley WCW004.

Namrata Ganatra, CTO at Lambda School, formerly Senior Director of Engineering at Coinbase, Head of Engineering for Payments at Facebook, and Senior Engineering Manager at PayPal talks tech.

SOC080. Emma Todd on Crypto Tribalism + Digital Community WCW002.

Emma Todd, Executive Board Member & Co-Chair of Blockchain for Impact and CEO at MMH Blockchain Group talks about Crypto Tribalism and Digital Community.

SOC079. Jenny Shaver, COO at SALT Lending, on Crypto Backed Lending vs Traditional Banking WCW001.

Jenny Shaver, COO at SALT Lending talks about her tech background, work at American Express, and how the startup crypto space is like taking part in an extreme sport.