SOC084. Sheila Warren, Head of Blockchain + DLT at World Economic Forum, on Blockchain Policy, Projects + Possibilities WCW006.


Sheila Warren, Head of Blockchain + DLT at World Economic Forum talks about blockchain policy and some exciting projects in the social impact space. This is Episode 84 for the Speaking of Crypto podcast – the sixth episode in our Women in Crypto Wednesday Series.

Sheila is based in San Francisco at the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution where the focus of the World Economic Forum at the Center is on four areas of technology – blockchain and DLT, AI, IoT and data policy where their looking at how policy can “support and enhance the social benefit of using these technologies.”

“The most exciting experimentation is really happening in what we call the frontier economies.”

We talk about some of the work Sheila has been a part of, including publications such as Blockchain Beyond the Hype

We get into:

  • Cbdcs
  • Policies that support adoption and enhance protocol?
  • China’s central bank digital currency
  • Libra Association + governance structure
  • Transparency, accountability and exploitation
  • Apple Pay getting into crypto
  • the blockchain backbone + why the tech is important
  • blockchain and the environment, rethinking resources + accountability
  • Bitlumens,Power Ledgerand Solara
  • Biases in deployment of new technologies
  • Transparency leading to exploitation before accountability
  • Promise and possibility attracted a lot of women into the space
  • The inherent inclusivity of the blockchain ecosystem

“There’s a lot more we could actually be doing if we are willing to go and interrogate these, in many cases, antiquated systems and processes that are not serving the bulk of the population best.”

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