SOC081. Samantha Radocchia on Decentralized Friend Groups, Virtual Workouts + a New Work Model WCW003.


Samantha Radocchia, Author of Bitcoin Pizza and a Forbes 30 Under 30 Enterprise Tech inductee talks about writing her book on Bitcoin and blockchain tech, virtual living, and a new work model.

Samantha is a tech entrepreneur who launched into the startup world with her first company when she was 20 years old. With a background in technology and anthropology, Samatha has been able to dive deep into the bowels of blockchain technology, while maintaining a big picture perspective enabling her to both see what innovations are leading change and also where they will have the biggest impact on society.

We have a great conversation about her recent book, “Bitcoin Pizza: The No Bullshit Guide to Blockchain” which is now a number one best seller.

We also chat about:

  • How we consume information and learn using new technologies
  • Virtual worlds in gaming
  • Digital marketplaces in virtual worlds
  • Transferring value from online worlds like Fortnight to other ecosystems
  • VR workouts, like virtually paddleboarding in Bali with a friend
  • New types of governance, nation states, and corporate structures
  • Brazil’s perspective on Facebook’s Libra
  • Redefining work, through distributed systems, new compensation avenues, and increased areas of opportunity
  • Employee benefits and pension plans for decentralized freelancers
  • Competitive skydiving
  • Redefining what it means to be a woman
  • How women can truly support each other
  • When to stop writing, editing, reworking and call the book – done

We had a great conversation and I’m so happy that I was able to chat with Sam Rad today for this Women in Crypto Wednesday series. Some of my biggest takeaways are around redefining work, adding more social and physical aspect to life online, and the importance of redefining what it means to be female in a previously male dominated society.

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Book: Bitcoin Pizza: The No-Bullshit Guide to Blockchain

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