The best of the best. Blockchain experts share their ideas, their big picture thinking around what’s going on in the blockchain ecosystem.

This show covers some of the best moments from the past year on Speaking of Crypto …and things we talk about include everything from — some discussions around what Bitcoin is and what blockchain is useful for… to why the technology is revolutionary and what’s exciting about where it’s going from here.

Listening back to these interviews and taking another listen to these incredible front-runners, I have so much gratitude.  I’m still learning from and continue to be inspired by these incredible people paving the way in blockchain— who are heads down focussed on building and sharing this technology that really is changing the world.

This show features the following guests. Next week’s show will be SPEAKING OF CRYPTO 2018 – PART TWO featuring many more of our favourite interviews.

2:16    Sunny Ray, Unocoin

5:19    Yoni Assia, eToro

8:08    Diego Guitiérrez Zaldívar

12:58  Federico Ast, Kleros

16:21  Yoni Assia, eToro

18:47  Adam B. Levine, Let’s Talk Bitcoin

22:03  Tracy Leparulo, Untraceable

24:33  Adam Helfgott, MadHive

27:58  Hilary Carter, Blockchain Research Institute

32:46  Mawadda Basir, Deloitte

35:54  Federico Ast, Kleros

39:44  Bob Summerwill, Quantfury

43:22  Anna Vladi, Women4Blockchain

47:17  Paul Snow, Factum

41:56  Robert Allen, nodl