SOC079. Jenny Shaver, COO at SALT Lending, on Crypto Backed Lending vs Traditional Banking WCW001.

Jenny Shaver, COO at SALT Lending talks about her tech background in finance at American Express, what the culture is like working in New York City, and how entering the startup world in the crypto space at the bottom of a bear market, is like participating in an extreme sport.

She shares valuable advice that she received from a mentor that she carries with her to date and explains what’s important to her now that she’s in a leadership role.

“Don’t ever do that, again, don’t ever sit in the back. I wasn’t sitting at the table, I was kind of leaning back. She says, when you’re at the meeting, you sit at the table, and you make sure you speak. She says, I don’t care what you say, but you make sure you’re heard. And that you have a voice.”

Jenny and I have a fantastic conversation about the work she’s doing now, what she sees for the future, and how she views her role as a woman in crypto for our first Women In Crypto Wednesday podcast series.

We also chat about

  • The growing city of Denver and work life balance there
  • Crypto backed lending at SALT
  • Continuing to own a master node while using crypto as collateral
  • The SALT token and what it’s used for
  • Questioning the incentives around using Facebook’s Libra coin
  • Which parties are most threatened by Libra
  • Existing power structures and whether they will change
  • Risk taking and rewriting rules
  • Comradery among women in the crypto space
  • And some of her insights from Nassim Taleb’s book Antifragile

When I asked her about Libra adoption and her thoughts, she says she’s made the joke before that –

 “the establishment is just allowing us to play in our little pool to incubate tech for them.”

We had a great conversation and I’m so happy that I was able to do this first WCW series with Jenny. There are some real take always that I’m going to carry with me after this conversation.

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