How are businesses changing now that Bitcoin and blockchain are here? What businesses are most affected? Which businesses are at risk? Which will thrive?

047. Building EOS, Discipline and Resilience with David Moss

David Moss, former Senior VP of Tech Operations at and CTO for several technology companies has launched his own blockchain business, StrongBlock.

046. Leading Information Democratization w/ Anthony Di Iorio

Anthony Di Iorio, co-founder of Ethereum, award-winning entrepreneur, and CEO of Decentral talks about freedom, liberty and impact on this week’s podcast.

045. Governance, Self-Sovereign Identity and Ethics in Blockchain Tech w/ Elizabeth Renieris

Elizabeth Renieris, a crypto and blockchain lawyer educated at Harvard and London School of Economics speaks about identity and data privacy in the crypto and blockchain space.


The best of the best. Blockchain experts share their ideas, their big picture thinking around what’s going on in the blockchain ecosystem.

042. Blockchain Visionaries and The Journey with Mann Matharu

Mann Matharu, blockchain consultant and author, was inspired by Satoshio’s Bitcoin Whitepaper. He felt it outlined a system in line with human nature, because isn’t more transparency and immutability what we all want?

040. The Power of Community in Cleveland

The blockchain community in Cleveland is exploding. Bernie Moreno, government, CEOs and startup founders are diving into blockchain and Blockland Cleveland.

036. Smart Contracts and Wise Women with Alexandra Levin Kramer

Smart contracts, security tokens and women in blockchain w/ Alexandra Levin Kramer, partner at CKR law and Co-founder of and Women on the Block.