006. Community in the Blockchain Space with Tracy Leparulo

Tracy  Leparulo is a Blockchain Event Marketer based in Toronto who’s been in the crypto space from, just about the beginning. She planned and managed the First Bitcoin Expo … in the World And that Expo included over 50 speakers from the early days including Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, Charlie Lee, who founded litecoin and even Doge Coin was there.

Tracy also hosted the First Ever Ethereum Hackathon Event and many more. Check out her site Untraceable Inc for more info and past and upcoming events, including the Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto in August.

Tracy Leparulo, Blockchain Events


Tracy has so much knowledge and is so well connected in the space that she talked about the way things were back in the day, like when Decentral was based out of a house on Spadina Ave in Toronto. https://decentral.ca/ That’s a totally different vibe to what my upcoming podcast guest Sunny Ray describes as the decentral of today. You can hear more on that podcast out a week from today – Episode 008.

It was a pleasure to talk to Tracy about passion and community. Two things that she values and believes most others in this space do as well. Her perspective, having interacted with so many different types of people, businesses, visionaries, coders, conference attendees, is well founded and well grounded. I hope you enjoy my conversation with the unstoppable Tracy Leparulo.

For more info on what we talked about in the show:

Tracy Leparulo, Blockchain Events


Tracy talks about Decentral when it was based out of a house on Spadina Ave in Toronto


Bitcoin Association of Canada, now Blockchain Association of Canada


First Ethereum Event (a Hackathon) in the World

GIVE ETH Ethereum


Polymath security tokens


@CryptoChicks helping inclusion and diversity in the space

Hackathon All Female


Tracy Leparulo


Blockchain Futurist Conference at Rebel Entertainment Complex, Cabana

Aug 14-16


Michael Perklin and Crypto Consortium


Reward Tokens like at Dave and Busters or Chuck E Cheese

Dave + Busters


Chuck E Cheese


Ready PlayerOne


Fortnite + VBucks


CryptoKitties launched at Tracy’s Hackathon ETH Waterloo


SIM city


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