Coldie is an innovative, creative, clever, bold Crypto Artist. He works with crypto themes and tokenizing his artwork.

We talk about what crypto art is and why it’s intriguing. We discuss his completely original clothing art idea – the Split Cut Shirt, his tokenized digital art, and some of his pieces specifically, including:

  • Decentral Eyes – Vitalk Buterin
  • Andreas Antonopoulos
  • Proof of Work

Coldie talks about his art school background and his influences including the artists he admires most and why he appreciates their type of art.

He also shares the importance in experimenting. And, one of the pieces he showed me in person was something he made using a long exposure, flashlights with coloured filters, shot at night out in the middle of nowhere.

We had a really great chat. I absolutely love the work that he’s doing and I urge you to check it out.

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Andreas Antonopoulos 3D Lenticular Artwork