Alex Mashinksy, Founder and CEO at Celsius Network, and I sat down for a live podcast at Consensus 2019 in NYC last week. This is a short episode, but meaty. Mashinsky always comes prepared with some killer ideas that help to clarify why crypto is important, what’s wrong with the way things are and where the markets are headed. And this conversation is no exception.


Bitcoin’s been going up, steadily and easily, Mashinsky says “like butter” in the last few weeks. Find out why he thinks Bitcoin will climb to $14,000 or $15,000 by the end of 2019.


He’s got a prediction for what will happen beyond 2019 and tells me what will happen to the price of Bitcoin in a doomsday-like scenario if the stock market were to crash 30 or 40%.


He does believe that doomsday is on the horizon. He adds to the conversation we had last time on the podcast about children in the United States being into debt, effectively, given that the country’s exploding deficit. 


See episode 049. More Profit to the People with VoIP to MoIP w/Alex Mashinsky from Feb 5, 2019


“Partying in the last days of summer thinking that winter is not coming is not what we should be doing in this time of prosperity.  We should be preparing for the doomsday and it’s coming because, again, we are borrowing from the future. We’re borrowing from our children from our grandchildren.”


He shares his thoughts on Facebook creating a stablecoin and what he thinks their real motivation is, and it’s not just about stealing our data.


We also talk about Mashinsky’s opinion on Congressman Brad Sherman’s desire to ban cryptocurrencies in the US.


Alex Mashinsky

Celsius Network