065. Michael Terpin + Mitesh Rao at Elev8 – Los Angeles

I attended Elev8 in Los Angeles and talked with a few presenters from the event.

Some of these will be featured in our documentary project The New Internet that will be released in 2020.

Today’s conversation features Michael Terpin, CEO of Transform Group. Michael is an early crypto investor, advisor, and thought leader who has built companies, sold companies and advised both companies and investors. He understands crypto markets and we have a great conversation about getting hacked for $24 million, how tokenization can work best, and opportunity zones in Puerto Rico.



Dr. Mitesh Rao, Co-Founder and CEO at OMNY and Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Stanford, shares his perspective on healthcare as it is in America today and where blockchain can make ways now in the areas of supply chain, clinical trials and in some simpler cases where user data is concerned. He sees solving healthcare data issues that are HIPPA compliant as being much a bigger issue with longer timelines.