062. Max Keiser on Collusion of Central Banks, Debt Monetization, and Bitcoin as Hard Money

Max Keiser has some opinions.

He has some very valuable, educated, and probably controversial ideas on what’s wrong with the economy, but there’s no disputing the facts. Our financial system right now is completely messed up. 

“The central banks were created to be a backstop to the banking system. When a bank when was in trouble, the central bank could protect deposits. So it was a lender of last resort. And so over the past 40 years now, due to political corruption, the central banks have become a huge hedge fund. And that hedge fund is where people go to make speculative investments.”

On central banks colluding, he says “It’s not a business model, they’re not engaged in a model that’s sustainable, that makes economic sense. They’re involved in corruption, and bailouts, and destabilizing the economy by practicing of counterfeiting. So it’s not a sustainable model.”

He basically said it’s all a game and that “what would destroy the game is if one of the central banks breaks ranks and raises interest rates or brings gold back into their currency. “

But interest rates are probably not going to go up. He explains that Kudlow, a financial advisor for President Donald Trump, said that he doesn’t believe interest rates will go up during his lifetime.

Max points out that in a capitalist market, interest rates are tied to the market, and if no one can predict the market, how would Kudlow know that interest rates won’t change, unless he knows that they are controlled.

Max also talks about the 2008 crash, government bail outs, governments buying back their own debt and the possibility of another credit freeze. What is very clear is the concerning state of our economy.

Is Bitcoin an alternative? Max explains why bitcoin represents freedom.  

“Bitcoin has the potential to put central banks out of business… Bitcoin represents hard money, and people want hard money, and they want to be free, and they want to be sovereign, and they want to escape the corruption. If you had a choice of being living in a corrupt system or not, you would choose to live in a in an uncorrupt system, and that’s what Bitcoin offers…it’s hard money in that it maintains its purchasing power into the future… gold represents another form of hard money.”


He references Nomi Prins book “Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World”