061. Bitcoin, Books + the Global Economy with Mark Jeffrey from Guardian Circle

Mark Jeffrey’s been in the space since 2013 and his perspective on what makes Bitcoin so revolutionary is very clear.

“Peer to peer digital scarcity… doing digital scarcity with a centralized database, super easy… doing something like a Napster or a Bit Torrent like environment where there is no center, and yet objects are digitally scarce, and only one person can have ownership over one object at one time. That’s totally new.”

He shares what he was thinking, in 2013, when he first heard about Bitcoin and started realizing it was going to be bigger than the internet. “I must be insane, because I’m thinking super insane things right now.” He also realized that he was one of the few people in the world, in 2013 who understood Bitcoin, and had experience as a published author, so he wrote the book Bitcoin Explained Simply https://www.amazon.ca/Bitcoin-Explained-Simply-Basics-Understand-ebook/dp/B00HY4WPSA

Recently, he also published an informational video called Crypto Explained Simply https://vimeo.com/ondemand/cryptoexplainedsimply

Another project that Mark’s been spending his time on came out of something that happened in his personal experience. And, if you’ve ever experienced a traumatic event, you know it’s something that can be life changing. Mark came home to find that his girlfriend had collapsed because of a stroke. And although she’s fine now, it inspired him to start his company Guardian Circle. Essentially, Guardian Circle is an app that uses $GUARD tokens and it allows anyone to immediately reach out to friends and family for help if they’re in a situation of crisis.

We also talk about Bitcoin adoption and the broader picture around the global economy and why Bitcoin may be an answer.

About mounting national debt and concerns for our economic welfare, Mark says “Worldwide debt is now three times world GDP. That means all of us owe all the rest of us three times what all of us make in one year. There’s literally no way that can ever be repaid.”

What does that mean for inflation, the value of fiat currencies, and for Bitcoin?

Mark explains in the podcast what he thinks about the likelihood of a financial reset and when that might happen and what it could mean for Bitcoin.

Mark Jeffrey


Guardian Circle