059. Earn Free Bitcoin. Shop with Lolli. Interview with Co-Founder and CTO Matt Senter

Matt Senter, Co-founder and CTO at Lolli is an experienced founder who’s learned a lot of lessons along the way that he’s bringing to his current role.

Lolli’s is an e-commerce shopping platform where instead of shoppers getting cash back, they get Bitcoin back. So essentially you can get free Bitcoin for shopping online.

Matt and his Co-founder Alex Adelman have joined the crypto community and are helping to grow Bitcoin adoption and bring it to people who are brand new to Bitcoin.

“We’re disrupting money or helping to disrupt money. We’re not the pioneers of Bitcoin, but we are a channel for it, a growth channel.”

Matt believes that the value of Bitcoin will ultimately go up. “Right now we have so few people in the world that actually own it. There’s so many more people that could buy into it. So there’s a huge market there that just hasn’t been tapped yet for people who want to own it. And then there’s a limited amount so there’s going to be a point where you can’t actually buy into it anymore or earn into it.”

He talks to me about being underappreciated in a corporate setting. Combine that with the fact that he’s always had a bit of an issue with authority and a knack for looking at things and imagining how they could be done better, it’s no wonder he’s ended up creating his own company and also finding his way to Bitcoin.

Given that Bitcoin is changing the world, I ask him his ideas on what it takes to change the world. He says it takes an idea and a healthy arrogance and that along with an idea you have to believe you’ll succeed and not care too much about whether or not you might fail.

One of the best pieces of advice he’s received, while at university and running his own company and sleeping 3 hours a night, was –

“Look, if you don’t, if you don’t take care of yourself, if you don’t eat you die, and then there is no company.”

I ask Matt if Bitcoin could be the one global currency one day. His answer is that it already happened. And how would he introduce someone to Bitcoin?

“If I’m talking to somebody who has heard of Bitcoin but didn’t know much about it, I can tell him that you know, it is the essentially the money of the future. It’s going to be a new asset class long term and investing in it could be as sound as investing in real estate or gold.”


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