055. FinTech in Tennessee at the Women 4 Blockchain Hackathon in Nashville

I attended the Women 4 Blockchain Hackathon and Learning Hub in Nashville, Tennessee and talked with a few of the presenters who were there as well.

Anna Vladi, COO of Everex Global and the Founder of Women 4 Blockchain talks to me about centralization, the crypto community, her hackathon event in Nashville, and what’s going on in the payments space.



Stuart Lackey, Co-Founder and CEO at Solaster, shares his perspective on the state of health in America, wearables and monetizing health data, and credits for good health to be used for lower insurance rates.

Kristen Johns, Blockchain attorney at Waller, talks to me about Tokenize Tennessee that helps promote emerging technologies in the state.



Mike Quintanilla, FinTech Strategist at First Tennessee Bank, talks blockchain facilitating efficient payments.


Stuart Lackey              1:55

Kristen Johns               18:05

Anna Vladi                   28:45

Mike Quintanilla         42:40