050. Never Stop Learning. In Blockchain. In Life with Ameer Rosic

Ameer Rosic knows technology and what’s even more apparent throughout this conversation is that he really knows learning. He knows how to learn. He knows how to retain knowledge and he knows how to use it to keep growing and learning and challenging himself to do better.

Ameer is the Co-founder of Blockgeeks, an online learning hub for developers and non-developers wanting to acquire and update their skills and knowledge around crypto and blockchain technology. He also hosts a popular YouTube channel with around 170 thousand subscribers that features videos like one that starts like this:

“ Honestly, straight up, I think motivation is the biggest scam ever!”

If that doesn’t get you to want to watch more, I don’t know what will? 

He talks to me about why staying up to date with emerging technology, like blockchain, is so important.

“If you want to stay relevant. And if you want to stay ahead of the curve. And if you want to both benefit you as an individual, whether you’re an entrepreneur or just a citizen, you want to be absorbing and you want to be educating yourself on the latest trending technologies. And blockchain is one of these latest trending technologies, it will influence every aspect of society as we know it. Pandora’s box has been opened. “

Ameer explains that we’re still in the early days of where blockchain technology is headed. He says it’s early because what’s being build is way more complicated than the original internet. 

“You’re dealing with all different realms of society here, you’re dealing with money, you’re dealing with economics, you’re dealing with psychology, you’re dealing with governance, you’re dealing with privacy, you’re dealing with governments. You’re dealing with everybody.  You’re literally trying to recreate a physical manifestation of a society online.”

One of the most important points he makes is about what most people don’t really understand or appreciate yet about Bitcoin. Ameer puts it really simply. 

“I still think the most underrated thing that people really don’t appreciate is the fact it’s devoid of the Fed. The Federal Reserve doesn’t control it you can’t print on demand there is a there’s a finite number which is 21 million Bitcoins and that’s it. End of story.”

What does that mean to have a limited supply? It means that as the demand increases, the value increases. That’s not the case with the USD for example that is no longer backed by gold. When demand goes up, the amount of money goes up. So what does that mean for its value? It goes down.

“What Bitcoin represents… It’s not simply a software… it’s a complete new paradigm.”

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Best moments:

  • Digital cash and trusting the math 16:42
  • Most underrated thing about Bitcoin 21:34
  • The greatest invention homo sapiens created 11:40
  • Building the New Internet 41:31
  • Becoming our own Swiss bank 45:50

Note: To anyone who is language sensitive, please note that explicit language is used in this episode.