047. Building EOS, Discipline and Resilience with David Moss

David Moss, recently worked as the Senior Vice President of Tech Operations at Block.one. He has experience as a CEO and entrepreneur as well at CTO for several technology companies and currently his is Founder of StrongBlock, and shares in this podcast the basic idea around what he and his team are creating now.

In a talk he gave at a conference last year David had shared a story of telling Dan Larimer that he didn’t like the White Paper for EOS. Dan Larimer is the creator of some of the biggest projects in crypto, including BitShares, Steemit and EOS. And at the time, David wasn’t working with him, but he wanted to get across his ideas on how it could be improved.

But I don’t know that just anyone could approach someone with that kind of a successful track record to just come right out and say, somethings wrong.

David explained that what it takes is respect and the ability to be bold.

And he goes on to share how much respect David has for him by saying “If I could have been offered an opportunity to work with somebody who’s literally one of the top thinkers in blockchain technology, that’s Dan, he has he has extraordinary insight on this and what it needs to be and how it’s going to work and he sees all of that. If I could have signed up for something like that, my first question would be how much will all this cost?”

David explains what some of his favourite blockchain use cases are, including for supply chain and logistics. And identity and using blockchain technology to support universal basic income.

“The same thing happened with a number of different types of things. If you look right now, Facebook, there is no other social app that’s anywhere even close to as big but for a while, that wasn’t necessarily going to be the case. A lot of it has to do with momentum and adoption and ease of use, and all sorts of other stuff. But people get very adamant about protecting their particular corner of the world. And sometimes it’s just personal where they want they’re defending it because they have a lot of invested into it. Here’s my take.We all want blockchain to succeed.”

One of the areas we get is to is David’s background as a professional musician. He shares how the discipline of practicing every day, and really honing his craft, continues to help him in his life now as a technologist and that discipline is something he’ll always carry with him as something to help him through challenging times.

He shares a story of an idea he had and a company he started around crowd funding, back before there was crowdfunding. People didn’t understand it, couldn’t quite wrap their head around how it would work. It was an idea that was just too early for the market and he explains how he got through that and what he learned because of it.

David is a technologist, so we get into interoperability and the idea of different blockchains being able to interact or talk to each other. And we wrap up with David sharing his ideas on what it takes to change the world.



David Moss