The best of the best — 2! Blockchain experts share their ideas, their big picture thinking around what’s going on in the blockchain ecosystem.

This show covers some of the most thought-provoking moments from the past year on Speaking of Crypto.

If you haven’t heard it yet, please take a listen to the first of this two part, end of year, wrap up! This second episode of compilation of clips contains some of the best content of the podcast from all of 2018.

Part Two of this end of year wrap up features the following guests:

1:40 Sandra Ro, Global Blockchain Business Council

  • Social impact and education
  • Giving people around the world financial options

5:36 Matthew Spoke, AION Foundation

  • Decentralized infrastructure
  • The monetary value of the internet

8:56 Hartej Sawhney, Hosho

  • What Fortune 500 companies are up to with blockchain
  • the future of wearable tech and data collection

11:55 Bruce Silcoff, Shyft Network

  • digital IDs
  • people around the world with no official formal identification

14:20 Michael Hyatt, BlueCat

  • Companies have to be real with a product, cash flow, profit
  • Security tokens are backed by a real product

17:36 Susan Oh, Blockchain For Impact

  • Blockchain transparency
  • giving away our personal data

20:00 Dr. Jane Thomason, Abt Associates

  • A gap in funding for startups esp for social impact
  • Global collaboration in overcoming inequalities across the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

24:29 Leon Gerard Vandenberg, Solara

  • Solar punk mash up of motivated citizens who care about the environment and who want to use technology to help
  • Financial inclusion through solar energy sharing and transparency

28:05 Sam Kazemian, Everipedia

  • Useful Dapps and stablecoins
  • Getting through the unglamorous part of founding a startup

30:42 Bill Ottman, Minds

  • Decentralized architecture and open source software’s value
  • Freedom of information and free speech

35:33 Mann Matharu, Stark Technologies

  • That a ha moment with bitcoin and blockchain technology
  • Creating a fairer world

37:49 Betsabe Botaitis, AIKON

  • Why decentralization is important
  • humility