“Google and Facebook, those are two companies that we all use a lot. We love using them, but we don’t love the fact that they have an incredible amount of data on us that they sell to other people and are unaccountable. They’re too big. So blockchain is the tech people saying ‘no’ we don’t like that status quo. We want a decentralized internet that’s fairer and more transparent and more secure. That’s what attracts a lot of people to the movement.”

– Bernie Moreno

Developers and big businesses have come together for a collaborative purpose –to learn, to find ways to work together and to be a part of this rapidly growing blockchain movement.

Bernie Moreno and about thirty executives from the city of Cleveland and the State of Ohio have put together a blockchain conference in just a couple of months featuring some of the biggest names in crypto and in business all together under one roof.

Featured speakers included:

Joseph Lubin, CEO and Co-founder of ConsenSys
Nick Szabo, Creator of Bit Gold and Smart Contracts
Alex Tapscott, Co-author of “Blockchain Revolution”
Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle
Jerry Cuomo, VP Blockchain Technology at IBM
John Donovan, CEO of AT+T

Whether you’re brand new to blockchain and you’re hearing about decentralization for the first time, or you’re an early adopter who’s helping to educate others or share the excitement of a technology that’s changing the way we live, Cleveland’s Blockland Solutions conference was welcoming.

The blockchain community in Cleveland is exploding. Government politicians, CEOs and startup founders are all jumping on board and there’s a contagious momentum to it all.

The community excitement at the Blockchain Solutions conference was palpable and it’s a testament to the power of community when a whole city rallies behind a cause to get things done. The cause everyone was rallying behind was innovation. The method of stirring up excitement was through education. And the getting things done will be through blockchain technology – with projects that will be fueled out of these collaborative relationships and beneficial partnerships arising out of the excitement for blockchain tech in Cleveland.

Bernie Moreno, President at Bernie Moreno Companies

Blockland Cleveland