“It’s not something that’s localized. This is something that’s so global now. The Russian government is having crypto classes in all their universities in their curriculum. We have all the best schools in the United States. If you think about it, this technology is scaling, and you see the first crypto exchange open in Uganda just two, three months ago. It’s the next revolution, and my interest has been how do we get more women engaged from the beginning so we’re not left out.”

Anu Bhardwaj is the founder of Women Investing In Women Digital, and the State of Women Radio + TV network whose experience, before starting her own company, was in private equity and venture capital including collaborating with the U.S. Department of Commerce, the International Trade Administration, and the U.S Embassies of many countries around the globe.

And given that her work in global women’s issues & investing for women takes her to countries far and wide, it’s no surprise that I caught up with her remotely while she was in New York, having just gotten off of a plane from events in Sydney and Melboune, Australia. Anu was a guest judge on a show called That StartUp Show.

Anu is excited about the potential for global adoption of cryptocurrencies because it would give people all over the world in different countries with varying degrees of financial security and government accountability, alternatives, which she says gives people more of a voice. Cryptocurrencies can help to democratizing financial access, open up investment opportunities and give people choice.

Anu also believes in blockchain technology for its transparency and trust and is an active Angel Investor in some exciting StartUps out of Canada.

“With regards to blockchain technologies. I definitely think that as there’s more adoption, we will see better and more seamless, more transparent technologies coming forward. I think right now, the knowledge is in the hands of a few, but as we start to see more people reaping the benefits, I think more people will start to engage.”

Anu was honoured with one of the “Top 10 Frontier Women” awards, an award given by 5th Element Group’s Decade of Women campaign in partnership with the United Nations.

When I asked her why she believes in investing in women, she explained that women reinvest in their families and in their communities more often than men do and they share what they learn because women are natural communicators, generally, so she believes that the return on investing in women is exponential.

Speaking of supporting women, Anu also has a site called Qrypto Queens. They’re hosting a beach party in November, all about blockchain technology called Blockchain on the Beach.

When I asked Anu about her advice to young women, she mention confidence and within that, the ability to take risks and then to keep an open mind and to learn, and it is apparent that Anu has all of those qualities and more.