“When bitcoin came along, the thing about it that was so interesting and compelling to me is that, here’s a money that not only is better but that literally can’t be stopped because there is nobody who you can stop. There is no CEO of bitcoin to go after. And that’s why, Satoshi Nakamoto, the story of Bitcoin is so important to Bitcoin not because we’re lacking something, but because by lacking that something it makes it incredibly hard to attack. There’s no one to demonize. There’s no one to go after.“

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Adam B. Levine was so inspired by Bitcoin, that he started the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast. It was the right show, the right topics, the right everything… and it hit at exactly the right time. Then after producing the show for about a year, and he got to the point where there were enough people listening that it was worth doing, he started the LTB Network. Who starts their own Network? Oprah. Oprah starts her own network. So Adam B. Levine is like the Oprah of the Bitcoin and Blockchain world.


But these days he’s got bigger fish to fry. He’s gone on to pursue even bigger ideas, ways to take his learnings from all of his interviews and all of his work in this blockchain ecosystem, to form a company, called Tokenly. https://tokenly.com

Tokenly’s ground zero for two great projects that have been built around the ideas of a new kind of ownership over the internet and one of these projects… mark my words… is a billion dollar idea. It’s like iTunes 2.0. It’s everything the internet should have had when it started, but we just didn’t have the technology for it yet. Now, with Bitcoin breaking all kinds of ground, the world is ready.

So why do I think Adam has a billion dollar idea?

He explained than tokens are a representation of who owns what and how that can apply to everything. Everything. That was an a-ha moment for him and he uses the example of buying audio books the way we do now and the fact that we’re not actually buying it, but we’re buying a single use. When I buy an audio book on iTunes, I can’t give it to a friend or sell it to a used bookstore.

“The things that we do online do not have ownership associated with them, because until we had something like blockchain, we have never had a good way to track ownership of things online. But now that we do have that, all of these things that were completely impossible like the idea of a used book store selling digital books or audiobooks. That doesn’t exist in the online world. But if you have ownership of those things represented as ownership of a token, then all of that stuff is suddenly possible and all of the liquidity and all of the ease of use and interchangeability that we right now experience through bitcoin or through other cryptocurrencies suddenly can be applied to everything that we want to own on the internet.”

So what if he can build an online store that keeps track of ownership through tokens and users can buy, sell, trade music, digital books, movies, audio books.

Won’t it be bigger than iTunes? It’s like iTunes 2.0. And what’s iTunes worth? Isn’t the revenue in the billions, per year? So iTunes 2.0, it’s got to be a billion dollar idea!

That idea is a project called Token FM.


Another big idea from Adam and Tokenly is a project called TokenMarkets. It’s like a tokenized Shopify. Ownership is done through tokens. There are digital downloads and a rewards program and the ability to buy tokens with a credit card and ship products using UPS.


Some of the other ideas we talked about we’re comparing the economy in his grandfather’s time to now which has to do with another reason why he believes in bitcoin.

We talked about a Fed Coin that would compete with other cryptos allowing for more competition to enter the space and ensure that those who are still in it would need to up their game. He talked about crypto wallets like Exodus https://www.exodus.io/ and Jaxx https://jaxx.io/ having many different coins and that our bank accounts may end up being crypto accounts.

Books he recommends:

Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain


By Andreas Antonopoulos


The Master Switch


By Tim Wu


The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations


By Ori Brafman and Rod A. Beckstrom https://twitter.com/oribrafman