Bitcoin is disruptive. And because of that, it scares people. Some people. But from the perspective of someone living in Argentina, who’s been through economic turmoil, Bitcoin’s not the bad guy, it’s a valuable tool.  And that’s how Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar sees it. He’s is building possibilities on the foundation of Bitcoin with his RSK platform.

He’s putting his vision into practice and creating tools that benefit many. And he’s figuring out a way to help with, among many other things, financial inclusion, economic independence and a whole new way of distributing wealth.

Diego’s putting his vision into practice and creating the tools that benefit many. He talks about “reputation as collateral”. How does someone who has no credit, enter the financial system? There may be a way. Diego talks about the idea of risk assessment being based on new thinking, honouring the integrity of a customer through their reputation by what is reported from an educational institution or an NGO.

It’s all new thinking.

One of the most exciting things that RSK will do is to allow the unbanked to be part of wealthier markets, so that they can receive higher margins, benefit financially, and invest that profit back into their home environments. It will generate more wealth to more people all over the world from any environment, anywhere to be included, essentially levelling the economic playing field.

And the impact, may just be that millions of lives are drastically improved.

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