Mawadda Basir is the Executive Director at Collider X a blockchain research and development hub that brings together businesses, academics and experts as they tackle blockchain innovations and best use cases.

We talk about the blockchain culture, based on open source, building on existing shared platforms, being transparent, decentralized, borderless and fostering collaboration.

Collaboration is key and must have been a huge part of Mawadda’s success at Rubix by Deloitte and the foundational blockchain work she did with her team there. Imagine collaborating on new technology, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and continually bouncing ideas off of forward thinking, collaborative-minded people in the space. It sounds like that’s what it must have been like at Deloitte, especially when Mawadda mentions that the team included what we might now call “heavy hitters” in the blockchain space in Toronto, including Nuco/Aion founders Mathew Spoke, Kesem Frank, and Jinius Tu. Also, Henry Chan who’s now part of ConsenSys. And leading the team was Iliana Oris Valiente’s who’s now heading up Blockchain Global at Accenture Canada.

Mawadda also talks about an incredible idea she has for a new, all-inclusive workbag for the multi-faceted working woman, complete with in pocket phone charger and a waterproof sleeve for a laptop. Is there no limit to the forward thinking mind of Mawadda Basir?

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Iliana Oris Valiente at Accenture Canada