Federico Ast is the Founder of Kleros, a revolutionary blockchain protocol that is going to change the way we do business in a hugely impactful way. What Kleros will be able to do, is give us easy access to judge, jury, and verdict, all delivered in about 24 hours.

Federico explains how this dispute resolution, or online justice, in the form of blockchain technology works and where we might use it. As an example, he talks about hiring someone in another country to build a website for you. Up front you can set the terms and decide that you’re going to go through Kleros for dispute resolution if one of you isn’t happy with the outcome. Then if one of you isn’t happy, Kleros decides. A group of decentralized jurors looks at the evidence and awards a verdict. Kleros decides who owes what to whom. And, basically, the money goes to the winner.

Aside from Founding Kleros, Federico also has a PhD in economics and philosophy, so he gives us a history lesson in Argentinian economics to help us put into perspective, why Bitcoin adoption and blockchain innovation has exploded there. If you’ve heard of government bail outs, wait till you here what the Argentinian government did to bail in!

And, have you seen Ready Player One, yet? Well Federico says the VR world is not all science fiction. The line between our offline and online world is starting to blur so he asks the question…  will we need a future justice system for our online world?

Some of the things Federico shares with us are:

  • Bitcoin White Paper


  • Federico Ast and Kleros


  • Economic History of Argentina


  • Ready Player One


  • Open Bazaar


  • Pinakion Token Sale


  • Lawrence Lessig Book