Anna Vladi, Founder of Women4Blockchain, and I talk about why blockchain technology is revolutionary, what are some of its uses, like solar power energy sharing via P2P network or the blockchain. Imagine a world where you could buy solar powered electricity directly from your neighbour at a lower cost than from the power company? This is the future. And what will that mean for the cost of our electricity services to have now new competitors who are also consumers. Will we have an EBay for power sharing? Will we have a new EBay for everything?

Anna explains that her company Women4Blockchain is set up to educate and promote women who are working in the area of cryptocurrency and blockchain development. She talks about her upcoming Hackathon and Conference in NYC in June 2018 (now postponed until October 2018) that asks teams of women to compete in creating blockchain solutions that require the coming together of three pillars – business, legal, and technical.

We also discuss the concept of smart contracts and “law as code” and how the legal agreements as part of a transaction can be embedded in a blockchain itself.

One issue that we touched on that’s sure to be a topic addressed by women for the next months or maybe years is the idea of marketing to women in the crypto space. Jumping off of Meltem Demirors position that we’re not doing a good job of it especially since 60% of wealth is controlled by women and women are responsible for 80% of consumer spending. Shouldn’t there be more women in the FinTech world in order to balance this dynamic? Is it changing?

And speaking of women in the space, should there be blockchain conferences with all women panels or women only areas? There’s some debate around this topic as women are making more of a presence.

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