Hosted by Shannon Grinnell, the Speaking of Crypto podcast is about the people in the crypto space who are making things happen. 

What can we learn from the biggest thinkers in the blockchain space? How did they get to where they are now and what’s it like to be on the leading edge?

Shannon investigates how the frontrunners in crypto are committed to taking risks, why they’re optimistic about the future and what gives them the drive to keep going.

Join Shannon Grinnell as she talks to inspiring leaders shaping blockchain’s future.

Who Better to Learn From?

Life isn’t about falling into a pre-determined path. It’s a Choose Your Own Adventure book and how we live today impacts tomorrow.

Crypto frontrunners are some of the freest thinking people on the planet. They’re outside the box, leading edge trailblazers.

So, who better to learn from? If we want to grow as people and as a society, shouldn’t we look to those who have found their path and who seize adventure?

Listen in on our one on one interviews with crypto’s finest.

The Blockchain Podcast Network

Blockchain Podcast Network

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